#1 Public Speaking Course: Presentation Skills Training

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Are you looking for a public speaking course? World Champion Speaker, Darren LaCroix’s tips and techniques are better than any public speaking class you could take. Enjoy!

Pat is a financial planner who is a very confident and experienced presenter. His skills really shine as a writer. He had a common problem of experienced speakers. You’ll even hear Craig tell the audience he had the same problem when he started. It is a problem we term “SPEAKER MAN” (or woman). It means the speech is great, but they for get one thing. The audience. The presentation would be delivered in exactly the same way even if no one was in front of him. This Video will show you: BEFORE — HONEST FEEDBACK — AFTER. In the “after clip” you’ll see Pat actually asks questions directly to an audience member to help break him of his bad habit. Also notice or feedback is direct as well as encouraging. No mentor ever “niced” anyone into being better. If you are a presenter and feel you just can’t get good growth feedback, you’ve never been to our Coaching Boot Camp. We’ve never been stumped. This level of feedback will transform you. Join Toastmasters International World Champion Speakers Darren LaCroix and Craig Valentine for: How Professional Presenters Can OWN the STAGE.

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