12 – What if I forget what I was speaking altogether? How to overcome SHYNESS? by Coach Harsh

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

12 – What if I forget what I was speaking altogether? How to overcome SHYNESS? by Coach Harsh
How to handle constant forgetting of topic? Am I doing something wrong while I learn my talk/speech/presentation?
I am very shy? I can’t do much practice. So what to do then? How do I become better in public speaking?

COURSE – An Insight into Public Speaking for Beginners by Coach Harsh

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This course is for those who are beginning to explore about public speaking. This course is for you, IF, you intend to gain practical, easy to apply tips and techniques, in order to speak better in social and professional settings.

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This course will cover the following queries/topics:

01 – Approach to Public Speaking. What daily habits can one inculcate? – 05m:29s
02 – Topics to Talk about and Managing Nervousness before speaking on stage – 11m:40s
03 – An easy structure for presentations talks and speeches – 08m:30s
04 How to improve Vocabulary & Grammar? A personal take. (Free Preview available) – 08:30s
05 – How to handle stage fear? – 03m:10s
06 – Managing eye contact & pace of speaking – 03m:33s
07 – What should I talk about? How to choose a topic? – 01m:17s
08 – How to stay on topic, while you’re talking about the topic, in a wittier way? – 01m:29s
09 – How to add emotions to my talk & include voice modulations? – 01m:50s
10 – I keep forgetting what I have to talk about? Also I pause. Can I avoid Ums Ahs? – 03m:06s
11 – How to gain fluency in speaking? How to add charisma to my speaking? – 01m:06s
12 – What if I forget what I was speaking altogether? How to overcome SHYNESS? – 01m:29s
13 – How to connect to a large number of audience? How to mesmerise them? – 03m:03s
14 – I am genuinely AFRAID of Public Speaking. What should I do? Talking to strangers – 02m:34s
15 – How to LIVE-modify my speech/talk content which I already prepared & rehearsed? – 00m:59s
16 – Handling large audiences? How to manage given speaking time? – 02m:36s

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