(1/55) Tell the Truth to Yourself about Yourself – A Course on CwG, Session 1

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Disclaimer: I am not the copyright holder of this video series. That is N.D.Walsch. I just participated online at this course and paid for watching it online.

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Step 1 : Recognize What’s Missing in Your Life So You Know What Needs to Change.
You’ll discover: How to identify with greater clarity than ever before your present and fullest truth about work, relationship, parenting, health, sexuality, and every other aspect of your daily experience, so that you can align your life to be in integrity with your Divine path.
Tools with which to express your truth in a way that others can hear and can accept without feeling either wounded or damaged in any way, so you can speak honestly, but with peace. How to identify and articulate what you want to experience in your life in all future moments through a unique process that calls forth the power of the Divine to help you manifest it.