3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Passion in Life

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This video will show you EXACTLY how to find your purpose in life. I will provide a simple 3 step process for effectivily doing so while giving a new understanding as to the process. Transcript below…
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“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I hope people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I’m going to be sharing with you how to find your purpose using three simple steps. Now, this is something that people have been asking on my YouTube channel, they’ve been asking questions in the comments, I’ve heard it a couple of times is, “How do I find my purpose? How do I know what I’m supposed to be doing in life?”

“What I wanted to do in this video to give you some practical tools that you can apply that can really be powerful for becoming much more aware of what your passion really is. Now, with me for example, it’s something that I kind of had a seed that was planted when I was in high school because I did forensics debate. Now, first off, let me tell you that when I started to do debate the reason I did it was just to get out of my fear of speaking in public, because when I was in was it …

“I think it was my freshman year of high school, I did a presentation in front of class and I completely forgot what I was supposed to say, like I got in front of the class, was starting to do the presentation and just like something wiped out my brain and I couldn’t think of what to say, and it was just as awkward silence.

“It was something that I knew I wanted to push through, so sophomore year of high school I decided I said, “Hey, I’m going to do forensics debate.” What happened was, is the first couple of competitions because it was something that you would go to school for, you go to class too, and then you’d have competitions once a month. The first competition or two I wasn’t good at all, and I was very nervous about it, but eventually what happened is I started to really like become passionate when I was speaking.

“There was just, I don’t remember exactly what it was, but all of a sudden I started to speak very passionately and within a maybe a month or two of starting that understand how to speak like that. I started to win, I would win trophies or I would win place at different tournaments and stuff for certain debate categories or certain type of topics that we were doing.

“It was something that from that point going forward, I knew I was meant to be speaking for a living. Now, I wasn’t in sharing the kind of information I share on my channel, it wasn’t as much as the spiritual awakening side of it, but I at least knew that I was meant to be speaking and that was something I kind of planted a seed and I just kind of knew it.

“Now, the content of what I’m speaking of course came later in life came when I had more of like an awakening of understanding more of like, how my beliefs create my experience, how I understand these complex ideas that I like to break down in very simple understandings and then share with you guys. It came from understanding also that I had to get out of my own way.

“Part of this video is about understanding that many times we continue to tell ourselves that, “I don’t know my purpose, I don’t know my purpose,” and guess what happens is our purpose may be in our subconscious, our purpose most likely there’s a general gist of what we should be doing or what we’re passionate about, but we block it out with those definitions of saying, “I don’t know my purpose.”

“Now, let me ask you this question, if I asked you what your purpose is and you say, “I don’t know my purpose.” What if I were to say to you, “You do know, you just have to know that you know it. You just have to start to drop the definition that you don’t know it and go within and you’ll start to get more answers. Sure you know your purpose. Sure you know the sensation of passion and what that feels like.”

“You can start to realize there are certain things in your life that if you look at, you feel a certain way when you do it. You may realize that it’s helping other people, maybe you realize it is very general. Maybe it’s like doing this specific thing like you enjoy graphic design, you enjoy maybe certain parts of like even just put your Facebook together and doing the graphic design for you. You felt passion for doing that and then helping your friends do it, or something small like that.

“This doesn’t have to be some extravagant big thing. It could be simply following that carried on a stick, follow the feeling of passion. Now, this is why the first step has to do with simply asking the question, “What am I passionate about? What would I love doing? What do I fear the most?” Because for me it was speaking at the time. I feared speaking the most but I realized that the moment I started to do it I started to fall in love…

This video is about 3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Passion in Life