4 Best ways to ask for ‘FAVOURs’–Get a perfect ‘YES’ – Personality Development videos – Skillopedia

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4 best ways to ask for ‘FAVOURS’ – Get a perfect ‘YES’ – Personality Development videos by Skillopedia

Hey friends, welcome to Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. You’re with me Niharika and what are we gonna learn today? Well in today’s session, we are gonna look at how to ask for favors? So how do you do it? Well last weekend, a friend of mine who is a blogger, well she came up to me and she said, well she wanted a favour from my end and how did she ask for the favour? Well this is how she said it,”hey Niharika, how are you? Well you look really nice, I love your dress. Well I just needed to ask you for something. If you’re okay, I mean if you’re not interested, it’s okay, I’ll totally understand but I have just recently written a new blog and I really wanted you to read it. But if you have no time, then I understand but can you please read it for me?” and I was like of course I can. Now the way she asked for the favour, she seemed to be so stressed. So for you’ll, is asking a favour, too much of a hassle? well if it is, then this session is just perfect for you because here today we’re gonna learn how to ask for a favour in a very nice manner.