ACIM – The Unreality of this World – Japan gathering with translator

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ACIM David Hoffmeister – The world does not exist. We are dreaming nightmares. Our thoughts do not mean anything. We wear personality masks to hide our guilt and to maintain conditioned societal roles. When we allow the darkness to come up we believe we will be rejected. This is how the ego keeps the mask in place. The ego says save the good memories because eventually you will die.
But ACIM tells us we deserve an experience of love that is not of this world. This love has become a living experience for Frances and me every day. We must face our darkness with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit within us can lift our awareness higher. Frances and I have stopped worldly pursuits. The truth is not in form.
Frances: “I have a background of achievement and security; I wanted more.” An inner voice told her a big step was coming. She started study of ACIM. The big step was a heart-opening David Hoffmeister retreat.
David: “Honoring” can be used by Spirit, but it must be purified of honoring the specifics of this world. The ego made the specifics. We must reach honor based in love. You can’t be gentle with rage underneath. This purification is forgiveness. As a teenager I was sad because I didn’t fit in the world. Ten years of crying day after day, for the whole world. When I had cleared out most dark feelings, then I found ACIM.
For 30 years I put Course first. Now I have no bad days. My life is like a young child’s, innocent, gentle. The presence of love is right here. It’s simple. Everything flows easily every day. I have lost my appetites for this world. I have no ambition or desire to make anything better. My mind is so content. I have no judgments or opinions. For years I received inner guidance. Now it seems I have merged with the guidance. I am very happy with it. I lose track of the passage of time.
I have no concerns for the future. There is no problem. I let people bring up their emotions and issues. I sit with them so we can see that all problems are hypothetical. You can’t find a problem right now.
Cause and effect is a tick. We can escape it. The present moment is your reality. We are all one. Spirit moves swiftly. Everyone has the answers inside; we just have to unlock them.
I wore all the letters off the cover of my ACIM book. When you get in touch with your Internal Teacher you can set the book down. You internalize forgiveness. It becomes closer to you than breathing.
Filmed in Tokyo, Japan on October 22, 2016
Languages: English with Japanese translation

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