Actor Economist Ben Stein Makes Frightening Fatal Prediction About Sanctuary States

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Actor & Economist Ben Stein Makes Frightening & Fatal Prediction About Sanctuary States
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Many of you are familiar with actor and economist Ben Stein. For years he entertained moviegoers with his iconic characters. In recent years, he’s made waves with his groundbreaking documentaries and political commentary. Recently, he made a stunning claim about the states harboring illegal aliens. What he said might change the course of our history. Should his prediction come true, lives are at stake.

We already know the danger of “sanctuary” cities and states. Yet, liberals are doing everything in their power to undermine the federal government. Long before Trump took office, they’ve been working to protect criminal aliens. These are people who not only come here illegally but commit crimes against American citizens. Those include DUI, assault, murder, drug dealing, and rape, just to name a few.

Instead of letting federal authorities prosecute and deport these scum, sanctuary regions actually protect them. They refuse to let federal law enforcement take custody of these criminals, releasing them to the public instead. So, obviously, these illegals can commit more crimes.

Liberal lawmakers are jeopardizing the safety of their own citizens. And for what? To protect criminals? Ben Stein spoke about the matter recently, and what he had to say should concern us all. Stein said leaders in sanctuary states are behaving much like the South did, before the Civil War. Their actions are akin to seceding from the Union itself, and his commentary could very well be an accurate prediction of what might come.
Economist and actor Ben Stein ripped sanctuary cities, saying their position is akin to effectively seceding from the Union by openly violating federal immigration laws.

Stein said it is “absolutely clear cut” that the federal government has control over immigration policy despite rhetoric to the contrary from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), and California Gov. Jerry Brown (D). [Source: Fox News]Stein hits the nail on the head when he says the only reason Democrats protect illegals is to “bring in a big chunk of Democrat voters.” There is no other reason why America lawmakers would want to import outsiders and protect them, even as they violate our laws.

Stein makes a strong connection between the actions of modern liberals and their counterparts in the 1800’s, who were also Democrats. Southern Democrats were outraged at the election of Abraham Lincoln. They protested and complained. It led to them ignoring and violating federal laws and mandates. Eventually, they seceded from the Union, leading to a devastating Civil War.

We have seen much of this already in our time. Liberal states have attacked our democracy and the election of Donald Trump. They continue to ignore and break federal law (through sanctuary policies and other moves). It might not be too far-fetched to think they will try to secede.

“We thumb our nose and give the middle finger to the federal government,” [Stein] said, characterizing how sanctuary cities feel and how the South felt when those states formed the Confederacy.

In 1860, the South Carolina state legislature passed a resolution calling the election of Republican President Abraham Lincoln a “hostile act.”

By the end of the year, the Palmetto State became the first to secede from the Union. [Source: Fox News]

Liberal lawmakers continue to insult Americans by violating federal law. They put the interests of criminal aliens ahead of all citizens. These states are even willing to oppose the White House and the federal government to protect their crooked practice.
If and when the federal government comes down hard on these states, they might take even more drastic measures. Corrupt governors like Jerry Brown are refusing to obey the government. Perhaps cessation is in the future. What then? Will these unhinged liberals cause America to fall into another bloody conflict? Are they willing to pit brother against brother, simply to push their toxic, slavery-like agenda? I guess we will find out, one way or another.