Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


I am an avid fan of the late comedy series “Strangers with Candy”, featuring the genius Amy Sedaris (amongst others!) and her character Jerri Blank. Alexia Sydney Stones is MY interpretation and homage to Jerri Blank.

This was a fun piece of work to put together. My friend Justin is a part of the project. Justin was a trooper trying to decipher my eclectic and confusing visions of what I want to communicate to audiences. So – THANK YOU, Justin.

**Justin and I are collaborating on a DUBSMASH video, which will be coming soon. He is a genius at mastering DUBSMASH, so it will be a treat to share with you all**

I cannot say anything particularly negative about motivational speakers. I can speak to my own experiences with them and how I relate. The verdict? YES – of course, I find them warm-blooded and driven. Driven to a point where their passion reaches me and a burst of adrenaline shocks into my system. Public speaking and motivating requires giving a lot of energy to a group of people who may or may not be receiving the message.

It is difficult to motivate youth to abstain from promiscuous behavior or drug use. It didn’t work for me! I had to go out into the world to try things and make mistakes. I fell down, picked myself back up and now I can say I am motivated from a place of internal strength to not engage in the behavior. These behaviors are those that speakers in my youth tried to steer me away from.

This video is to show the hilarity behind the attempt of steering our youth generation away from harm. There’s a twinge of hypocrisy in here as well.

LAUGH – smile – giggle – show me those eyes – have a good time. This video is fun, friends. THANK YOU for watching. If you like this, please “like” or “comment” and let’s talk about it…

-Adam xoxo

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