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Transcript excerpt: (currently being edited)

it is unfortunate thing that i must
first make any statements
but it is a person that needs to be
is known in this
bank inside terrorists
on activist freedom interest
anonymous begins
make it difficult to understand the
anonymous is simply ideas without origin
Junebe a phrase a fad
the concept of anonymous has always
in on this that we know now
the one correctly
aligned against the church of
which crimes in danger zone
well-documented so
i will not come in here
started as an image board in japan
nearly a decade ago
place where there were no morals
no doubt it
images and text
with no washing
the only control
was with her of course was insured or
simply deleted from lack of interest
the individual
isnt measured
schooling to repetition
and this unique natural selection
popular ideas duplicated
in developed into means
these means would be incorporated into
new ideas
evolutions off
eventually another image board was built
in the likeness
putting english speaking world
quickly grew in scope and influence
a public club with secret members
because system of art
diversity of anonymous
he says thats thats the human
as always universe
the good with the pad
a place with the age of the post is
measured in seconds
change is instant and eighties comical
anonymous as the sun of its members
in commitment
when anonymous was young
it was immature
in china like
while the Juneority were simply
for entertainment and creativity
the darker and more sinister aspect
slowly pulled in the shadows
soon this course and spread
an anonymous found itself
either continue to let the netWorking on
portugal incendiary this of anonymous
those who controlled the medium
me difficult decision to pursue these
cruel and disgusting statements
agree talking war waged for what is
newly minted pea in the time of the
this underbelly broke off and formed
their own in the courts
with they could do as they wish to
outside the original
the Juneority of these countries
with that same dark improper school
over time since shes time before
they are the ones who have done such
they are racist because decisions
a reception for the first because it is
it will because the can
yet we cannot disown me at six seven on
as much as we can do some consuming
any lead everything the Juneority stand
and can only surviving isolation
the are the ones
theyre the ones who cared to stand
against a race radio
theyre the ones
Junebe in tokyo
product of the file justice
the are the ones big
tramping freely without cardholders
and amy have started to mean that has
grown so large
for all their crimes they June have just
started this whole thing
within on this
there is no one for sure
their claim is no more about the
individuals claim to his instincts
but not the fire
now as some of the numbers has changed
even more
everyday d maturity and discussed is
down twenty-five intelligent andy
those who are motivated
to take up the cost
anonymous is grown out of the image for
out of the internet
ending to the war that we know
the world in which we live
we have grown and are growing
every mistake
we learn
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect us!

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