Attract Sponsors with Public Speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Motorsports Marketing Mentor and Sponsor Attraction Coach, Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand of Marketing At Full Speed explains to race car drivers and race teams why public speaking appearances are the most sponsor attractive thing you can do.

About Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand – Founder of Marketing at Full Speed and Creator of the Sponsor Attraction System™

Motorsports marketing coach and mentor, motivational teacher, author and speaker. Creator of the Sponsor Attraction System for all levels of racing. Sharing 30 years worth of experience as a marketing, management, PR and sales professional in motorsports and business. Offering private and group coaching, online classes, instructional dvds, downloads, and proven sponsor attraction and career advancement programs for race drivers, race teams, and their families. Marketing At Full Speed with Annamarie is designed to educate and give the tools you need to properly and effectively market yourselves and your sponsors, advance your careers and attract sponsorships and opportunities in the motorsports industry and the corporate world.

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