Become a Great Speaker: Learn Public Speaking & Presentation

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Become a Great Speaker: Learn Public Speaking & Presentation

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This class includes 19 step-by-step videos in which you will learn exactly how to make a speech or presentation, how to give a speech or presentation, and how to speak with confidence.

The class is most suited for people who want to become a great speaker, speak more confidently and effectively, get more credibility, spread their ideas and leave a legacy.

Your class project will be to create and deliver a speech or presentation.

I understand you hate “information overload”, so I keep each video short and simple. You will receive key ideas and tips in every video, with quick explanations and examples.

In this video class you will discover how to:
*Make a great speech or presentation
*Speak with confidence and inspire people
*Become a great speaker
*Choose the best topic
*Understand your audience
*Organize your speech or presentation
*Grab and keep people’s attention
*Tell a great story
*Inspire people with a strong closing
*Make a professional PowerPoint presentation
*Use your voice powerfully
*Use body language confidently
*Use eye contact and notes effectively
*Give your speech or presentation successfully

I will keep updating this class all the time, and once you join the class you will get updates for 100% free.

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