Bernie Rally Disrupted/Louisiana Real ID Law/Other Weirdness

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

In Oakland on Monday, at least four people tried to rush the stage while Bernie Sanders was speaking to the crowd at a rally. The group, called Direct Action Everywhere, claimed responsibility for the disruption.
Supposedly the more radical groups want to get Bernie’s attention because they do not want to support Hillary. That but we must also remember that the set the stage for certain things to happen too. This game is rigged and most of us know it.

Over Memorial Day weekend, 69 people were shot in Chicago. 6 were killed in the process. A grim reminder that we have certain powerful characters and agencies giving away weapons to criminals so they can pass
their gun control measures. Criminals don’t care about the law. Gun control or not, they’re going to get the guns regardless.

There is a bill on Bel Edward’s desk right now that would give the people of Louisiana a choice to whether they can use the real ID or just continue to use their state ID. Of course the Feds will do everything they can to make it as difficult as possible for those without the real ID especially in a few years when it will be required to have a Real ID or Passport to domestically travel and as well as to get in Federal Buildings.

As we who pay attention know, these RFID cards do NOT make us safer. It’s about control.

Apparantly there’s a new weird fetish in town. Women are taking stuffed animals and having sex with them. Meanwhile, men are preordering their new robot partners. This is how post humanism comes into fruition.
“Post” is your key word here folks.

Last but not least here’s the lastest tale of dumbassery today. A man goes to Kroger, takes all his clothes off, and decides to use the self checkout as a toilet. What……..idiot.