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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Public speaking is one of the most effective tools to create and increase your personal and professional success.
Thankfully, great public speakers are not born. They’re trained.
In the exclusive workshop “The Art of Connection” you will learn the systematic methods to use your voice to command a room, take control of your body language, and craft stories that are TED worthy.
But what does mastering the art of connection truly mean?
It means that you will speak with confidence anytime anywhere. It means that you will be more persuasive. It means that you will captivate people and take them whereever you want to take them. In short, you will have mastered in one day, what others take years to master.
This one day workshop designed for executives, managers, and professional speakers.
Tuesday March 21 | 10 am – 6 pm
In this workshop you will discover:
How to become an influential speaker at work, on stage, and everywhere else.
Master the presentation skills nobody talks about through role playing.
How the top speakers in the world take control of anxiety and stress before speaking in public
Eliminate limitations that are holding you back from expressing yourself.
Master your voice – learn to love your voice and use it accordingly.
Get a voice profiling and a road map to master your speaking voice.
An “alternative” approach to coming across charismatic and confident.
Deploying emotional intelligence to increase your influence.
This workshop offers you a unique opportunity to take your skills to the next level in a discrete and safe environment. The high level of interactivity will give you breakthroughs and insights that you would not otherwise get in regular public speaking training.
Workshop Investment 1900 AED
A very limited number of seats is available in order to provide the highest level of engagement and progress for you.
For more information WhatsApp or call us at 050 124 6956.

Workshop Agenda
Introduction to the workshop
Building Group Rapport
Outline course objective
Analysis of current presentation style
Core Skill 1 Executive Presence
Discover the power of P – P – W formula
Discover how to ‘’own the stage’’ right from the start
Top tips for confidence, impact and handling nerves
Core Skill 2 Power of Stories
Understand the effectiveness of stories so you can connect better
How to structure your thinking when speaking off-the-cuff
Essential skills for achieving a strong positive impact
Core Skill 3 Empowering Feedback
Our whole communication is a feedback – let it be empowering
Motivate others through positive verbal feedback
How to identify and release the true value in other people
Core Skill 4 Sensory Impact: Voice & Body Language
Your voice determines your success in business
Explore techniques to grab the audience attention
Learn about the power of rhythm while delivering a presentation
Practice engaging the audience through eye contact and questions
Core Skill 5 Visual Aids
Identify your key message
Select visual aid and use them with ease and confidence
Engage an audience when presenting with slides
Prepare a slide presentation
Deliver slide presentation and gain personalized feedback