BREAKING: Secret Service Makes BIG Announcement Hours Before Trump Addresses The Nation

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BREAKING: Secret Service Makes BIG Announcement Hours Before Trump Addresses The Nation- President In DANGER
USA Today reported Monday that the Secret Service could “no longer afford to pay hundreds of agents it needs to carry out an expanded protective mission” due to the Trump family’s size, his multiple residences, and frequent travel.Of course, it was a total hit piece against Trump which included things like the fact that under the Trump administration, 42 people have protection compared to the 31 people with protection under their beloved Obama administration.

“Agents must protect Trump – who has traveled almost every weekend to his properties in Florida, New Jersey and Virginia – and his adult children whose business trips and vacations have taken them across the country and overseas.Since his inauguration, Trump has taken seven trips to his estate in Mar-a-Lago, Fla., traveled to his Bedminster, N.J., golf club five times and returned to Trump Tower in Manhattan once.

Trump’s frequent visits to his “winter White House” and “summer White House” are especially challenging for the agency, which must maintain a regular security infrastructure at each – while still allowing access to paying members and guests. Always costly in manpower and equipment, the president’s jaunts to Mar-a-Lago are estimated to cost at least million each, based on a General Accounting Office estimate for similar travel by former President Obama. The Secret Service has spent some ,000 on golf cart rentals alone this year to protect Trump at both Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster.”

Fox News points out that the Secret Service is running into problems affording the expansive protection for President Trump’s family, though the agency says the funding crunch is hardly unique to this White House