Candid Interview with BOY ABUNDA: On Waray People, Pinoy Fiestas and Public Speaking

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When you see a rare opportunity, grab it! This serendipitous moment happened during my looong wait for a delayed flight back to Manila from Tacloban. After a 4-hr van ride, and hours of waiting, I needed some coffee and then boom! I bumped into this wonderful human being- none other than the King of Talk: Mr. Boy Abunda! He was kind enough to agree to an impromptu interview for my VLOG/Channel.

We talked about Bisaya people, fiestas, serendipity and of course, public speaking!

Can you imagine the pressure of interviewing a master interviewer? My heart was already pumping even before I had a sip of caffeine! Haha!

In the end, I was amazed at his brilliance, and wowed by his kindness.

Enjoy!!! 🙂 ❤

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