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This is one of the simplest and best way. People usually ask when you make cold calls, how did you get my number. You need to have a very smart answer so that you can increase your sales. This technique has helped thousands of sales professionals. It will help you too.

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Now here is the problem, I am sure we must all have gone through at some point of time in our lives. Every time we do cold calling, we get asked questions like where did you get my number from. Now I go about tackling this particular challenge?
I am assuming that you got his number from the source which you can’t quote.
Of course, otherwise I would have directly told him that I got your number from Mr. Prasad.
In that case, all you need to do is just follow 3 very simple steps. Before I start talking about those steps. Let me show you how I am going to say this. Let’s say I am calling you and you have just asked me how did you get my number. How I am going to answer it. Sir honestly, I don’t know how did I get your number. But yes, if you number is there on my database, that means you are a very special person. In fact, the reason of my call is to talk about how we can increase your sales. I actually followed 3 simple steps. So what are those steps? Step no. 1: smile and say you don’t know how did you get his number. When you smile and say sir I don’t know how I got your number, please usually take it in a very healthy and nice spirit. This is the 1st step that you can do. 2nd step, make him feel special. The way I said it, sir if your number is there on my database that means you are a very special person. So, made him special. 3rd step, do not pause. Continue your conversation, I way I did it. I said, sir I don’t know how did I get your number. But yes, if your number is there on my database that means you are a very special person. And the reason of my call is actually talk about to how we can increase your sales. There was no pause. 3rd step, make sure you do not pause and you continue with your conversation. So next time, if somebody asks you how did you get my numbers you can simply use these 3 steps.
Amazing. That was great indeed. But my question is going to be even tougher. And I don’t think that you will be able to tackle that.
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