Cornel West and Robert George: The examined life | LIVE STREAM

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

While they are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, Princeton Professors Robert George and Cornel West have spent the past several years teaching and lecturing together to accomplish a common goal: the provision of a true liberal arts education to their students. Through their courses and their friendship, they have served as examples of how, when two knowledgeable and principled individuals come together in an honest and nonadversarial pursuit of truth, the competition of ideas deepens their own understanding of that truth.

Join AEI for this conversation, moderated by AEI’s Ramesh Ponnuru, a former student of both professors, as we ask what constitutes a true liberal arts education. Is its purpose instrumental, or is there something more? What values are necessary for universities, faculty, administrators, and students to ensure that a liberal arts education remains attainable?

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