Dagcoin/Daguniversity Launch in couple days 2018 February!!

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Dagcoin is going to launch at 24 February buy coins before is too late!

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Education options Below:


Basic Course: €20
The first course gives a basic overview of the process of selling and a general understanding about cryptocurrency.
(Locks spot into network with Basic Education included)

Starter Course: €100
The Starter course is great for starting to learn about cryptocurrency and the foundation of speaking to an audience.
(Bonus 100 DagCoins after completion)

Explorer Course: €500
The Explorer course gives deeper insight into what cryptocurrency is and how to excel in the art of selling. This course also covers the basics of cryptocurrency trading.
(Bonus 500 DagCoins after completion)

Advanced Course: €1000
The Advanced course teaches the technical aspects of cryptocurrency and takes both your sales and public speaking skills to advanced level.
(Bonus 1000 DagCoins after completion)


Expert Course: €2500
The Expert course consists of a training on leadership, what does it mean to be a leader and how to be a leader, and it also covers the next step in becoming an experienced cryptocurrency trader.
(Bonus 3000 DagCoins after completion)

Pro Course: €5000
The Pro course teaches how to use the internet to your advantage – using internet marketing and webinars to promote your business. The second part of this course is about cryptocurrency trading.