DON’T DIE UNHEARD!! – The Day That Changed My Life…

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Spending four years in College as an introvert who only prefer to talk to himself and only some few trusted friends, with 90% of my course mates not knowing my name almost cost me my Joy.

Growing up as a brilliant, creative, and independent child, I was always participating in quizzes, news broadcast competitions, and I was always the leader of every “End-of-term Party” presentation in Primary School.

However, advancing into high school was not easy for me. It was as though I was completely brainwashed. The intense competition for “Top 10 Position” was too much, and I soon dropped from 8th Position in my first year in Junior Secondary School, to constant struggle for Top 10 (and I mean from behind, counting backwards) out of the overall number of 30 students in my class. This brought down my self esteem in academic work, and also affected my life.
I soon found myself afraid to ask or answer any question in class, even when I knew I was right. I just couldn’t say it, because I was scared of what the crowd might think or say. What if I am not correct? There are smart guys here too and why haven’t they raised their hands to ask or answer? Since no hands were up, I assumed I was wrong!!

Moving forward to College, I managed to study hard and get back on track and was able to regain my honor as a Brilliant Student, academic-wise. Though that fear of facing the crowd kept on hunting me. It also affected my social life to a point I was unable to approach a lady if not via social media. And I became the best kept secret.

On May 29th 2017. I met a man – “Engr. Nduwisi UBA” (CEO of New Era Concerns – A company with the Vision of raising Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Global Relevance), who later became my mentor.
New Era launched it’s first ever Certified Course on Public Speaking under the “New Era Public Speaking Institute,” and is still the First of it’s kind in the Southern Part of Nigeria.

Enrolling for that course changed my life for Good!!