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Clases de pronunciación y reducción de acento en inglés para ejecutivos de empresa y empresarios en Madrid España y por online por Skype con Edward Olive coach profesional de voz en ingles para empresas y empresarios. No es un logopeda es un coach vocal.
Pronunciation and English accent reduction classes ESL Madrid Spain with Edward Olive corporate trainer and British English vocal coach for company executives and entrepreneurs in Madrid Spain and online via Skype. Not a speech therapist but a voice and accent coach.
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Accent reduction course – master the sounds, structures & intonation of British GB English. Would your English sound better if you could accurately select and pronounce all of the 45 sounds? What if you could join them smoothly and use weak and strong forms? How about adding an English pitch range and stress in your intonation? And then if instead of thinking in written words, you think in sounds. Would your English sound clearer and more confident? Edward Olive’s accent reduction course is a multi level program designed to take you step by step through all of these areas in the most practical possible way. Firstly by learning the sounds, then joining techniques followed by intonation and finally practical business application. Every course is accompanied by its dedicated course notes produced by Edward Olive with full audio meaning you can practise after and between classes. The accent reduction course is designed to help you eliminate your accent and sound just like a native English speaker. The course teaches you an effective approach successfully used to train many top business executives.

English pronunciation and accent reduction course – pronunciation issues are frustrating for both the listener and speaker. This is especially true in the corporate workplace; be it in interpersonal communications or speaking over the phone. Edward Olive’s intensive pronunciation & accent reduction class provides intensive instruction within a maximum class size of 1 students. Build self esteem by improving your clarity and comprehensibility. Improve fluency for professional and business success. Improve pronunciation of sounds as well as rhythm and intonation in English. Diagnostic assessment of pronunciation issues will help with all aspects of pronunciation including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and intonation. Invest in yourself and your employees.
Accent reduction and English pronunciation training in Madrid Spain. The way we speak is a physical process governed by speech organs which can be trained or reprogrammed by working through a series of specific coaching drills, including mouth and tongue positioning, intonation, breathing and listening exercises. You will be helped to develop a clear British English accent by learning how to recognise the differences between your mother tongue and the standard English RP or received pronunciation accent. The accent reduction course in Madrid or online via Skype is ideal for fluent non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English pronunciation and soften their accent, or who want to learn techniques to develop a more powerful and effective voice. Do you pronounce some words incorrectly? Do you think your accent stops you from being taken seriously at work or from developing your career, people ask where you’re from, even though you’ve lived in the business English world for years? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the accent reduction course offered by Edward Olive will help. He has worked with students of many nationalities. What happens in a typical course? Our courses, delivered in a number of focused sessions, are all developed and adapted to suit the needs of the individual student. You will be shown how to warm up your voice getting your mouth and vocal muscles ready to make the new sounds. You will learn how to produce all the British English standard RP vowel and consonant sounds correctly. You will be given feedback on exactly where your accent or pronunciation differs from these sounds. You will be taught such topics as the stress pattern and rhythm of spoken English, intonation, emphasis, speech flow, pause, pitch, pace, etc. Which accent do we teach? People speak in many different accents in Great Britain. However, the basic core of our lessons cover the essential principles of standard English or Received Pronunciation. Received Pronunciation / RP is called BBC English, Oxford English or Queen’s English. RP is also regionally non-specific. RP does not contain any clues about a speaker’s geographic origin. RP is often associated with educated business speakers and formal corporate speech.