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Edward Olive – professional actor- English trainer – Vocal / voice coach

Phonetic breakdown of English – Speech rhythm of English – English Speech intonation – Relaxation techniques – Breathing and posture exercises
Vocal agility exercises – Confidence building in English – Presenting and public speaking – Body language – Speech style
RP Received pronunciation BBC standard English – Voice Coach – Learning English through acting
Presentation Skills Coach – Vocal Skills Trainer – Public Speaking Coach
Communication Skills Coach – Speech Coach – Voice Trainer
In-person Dialect Coaching for business meetings, presentations and sales – Skype-coaching – Phone-coaching Edward Olive
British business & corporate English teacher and professional English coach for public speaking & presentations in Madrid Spain
British English teacher & English voice coach for corporate executives, company directors, businessmen & women, lawyers, sales staff, representatives, marketing teams, doctors and politicians in Madrid Spain.
Professional voice coaching for company directors, businessmen, lawyers, pilots & sales representatives for speeches, presentations & public speaking.
Business executives, singers, radio presenters & media professionals
Posture – presence – breath release – clear tone – resonance – vocal range – vocal variety – clarity of articulation – projection – speeches – Dialect – voice production – accent reduction – acting
Training for actors and training for non-actors

Courses can include:
Pronunciation 1 course details
Pronunciation 2 Some US changes
Pronunciation 3 SZ etc
Pronunciation 4
Pronunciation 5 Spanish problems
Pronunciation Brand names etc
Pronunciation Cockney & London
Pronunciation contractions
Pronunciation contractions 2
Pronunciation letters
Pronunciation phonetic symbols
Pronunciation phonetic symbols 2
Pronunciation phonetic symbols 3 chart
Pronunciation phonetic symbols full list
Pronunciation phonetic symbols Practice vowels
Pronunciation plurals
Pronunciation Schwah
Pronunciation simple past
Pronunciation standard US course
Pronunciation standard US course 2

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