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Types of Prepositions
Prepositions indicate direction, time, location, and spatial relationships, as well as other abstract types of relationships.

Direction: Look to the left and you’ll see our destination.

Time: We’ve been working since this morning.

Location: We saw a movie at the theater.

Space: The dog hid under the table.

On & upon – Moving state
In & into – Medium got changed / enter INTO
Among & Between
In & within
By & with
After & in
Beside & Besides
For / Since
Over / Above
At & In
In & On
Below & Beneath
Across & Along
To – motion from one place to another.
Preposition before home – I’m going to home.

Time & Place – No preposition
Today / tomorrow / yesterday / morning / evening / last month / next week / here / there / outside / abroad / etc.

Transitive verb & its object don’t carry preposition in between.
He told to me.
He told me.
Note – But is very seldom a preposition. When it is used as a preposition, but means the same as except—Everyone ate frog legs but Jamie. But usually functions as a coordinating conjunction.

Note – Some words which are prepositions also function as conjunctions. When we use a preposition that is followed by a clause, it is functioning as a conjunction; when we use a preposition that is followed by a noun phrase, it stays as a preposition. Among the most common are after, as, before, since, until:

After I’d met him last night, I texted his sister at once. (conjunction)

After the meeting last night, I texted his sister at once. (preposition)

We’ll just have to wait until they decide what to do. (conjunction)

Okay, we’ll wait here until six o’clock. (preposition)

Several words which are prepositions also belong to the word class of adverbs. These include: about, across, around, before, beyond, in, inside, near, opposite, outside, past, round, through, under, up, within:

There were lots of people waiting for a taxi outside the club. (preposition)

Where’s your cat?

She’s outside. (adverb)

The gallery is opposite the Natural History Museum. (preposition)

Can you tell me where the bus station is?

It’s over there, just opposite. (adverb)