EPA Tells Public Don’t Buy Iodine Privately NRC Begs & Steals KI 311 Talking Points

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NRC FOIA documents revel the reality about KI. The same ones who say it’s not that important are the same ones who don’t want to go to Japan without it. Elevated trends in hypothyroidism among newborns in Pacific/west Coast. From the NRC FOIA documents: Politically sensitive information? Take it offline! Cover-ups are all about control of information. In the case of Plume-Gate, the reality of nuclear power, the radioactive plume (both by air and sea) and fallout and the evidence of the conspiracy itself must be kept hidden from the American public at all costs. Of course, a small percentage of informed critical thinkers will never be fooled, but the simple fact is you don’t have to fool everyone all the time. You only have to fool most of the people, most of the time.

From the NRC FOIA documents: when Dave Weller and Mike Weber begin to describe the sublimation process Marty Virgilio is there to keep them in check. From the NRC FOIA documents: NRC officials are NOT allowed to have open, frank discussions about the Fukushima catastrophe with the general public, the media or even their colleagues…instead all calls and questions must be forwarded to those who will utilize pre-fabricated talking points, press releases and questions and answers.

Hatrick Penery expressed concern that the ability for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to respond to Fukushima, or any meltdown for that matter, was hampered by the fact that many of their employees know they are being recorded and are thus unwilling to speak freely and openly. They are keenly aware that their conversations and emails, through the Freedom of Information Act, may be subject to scrutiny at a later date and that this recorded correspondence might reflect poorly on the nuclear industry (or even serve to incriminate someone). In short, the resulting response to a nuclear disaster will be neither economical, nor efficient. Imagine your local fireman being unable to speak openly with his partner as they try to extinguish the blaze consuming your home. There are other ways to subvert the Freedom of Information Act to be sure. ‘Blizzarding’ leaves researchers to comb through an untold number of pages that are dumped online all at once. To make it even more difficult, most NRC FOIA documents sport duplicate information; phone conversations, emails, reports, graphs and charts…are found doubled and even sometimes tripled in the same file. These tactics are designed to slow the flow of information from the NRC FOIA documents to the American public. Redaction is another means to subvert the Freedom of Information Act. You might say that the NRC is ‘going to town’ with the redaction these days. It can’t be due to design secrets of the infamous Mark I containment model. Interestingly enough, lots of redaction can be found when they are discussing the worst- case-scenario and Navy ships. Do solar power companies redact and subvert their documentation? https://hatrickpenry.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/something-wicked-this-way-comes-the-story-of-plume-gate-the-worlds-largest-provable-cover-up-in-pdf/

Generally speaking, when it comes time for authorities to speak with the public, there are three main tactics used to control the flow of information: From the NRC FOIA documents: Fiction: “…EPA is increasing monitoring.” (The truthful part in the email below is that they are NOT supplying the location of the radioactive cloud)

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Something Wicked This Way Comes: the Story of Plume-Gate the World’s Largest Provable Cover-Up in PDF