Finishing negative & waste from Life ~BK Sister Shivani 7 07 2017

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

. Finishing negative & waste from Life (negatives shown in media, news.. and living a Pure Positive Life) ~Brahma Kumari (BK) Sister Shivani on 7 July 2017 – USA tour June to July 10th.

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God has come and is here to give us children, the inheritance of New World, the Golden Age (Satyug or Heaven)

‘RajYog’ means a direct connection or relationship with Shiv baba (Supreme Father) through which we Souls experience true Peace, Purity, Love and Happiness and receive Powers within us. We are a Soul, a point of light and might. There is a beautiful relationship of us with God, as a Father (creator), Teacher and Guide.. Learn RajYoga and experience it yourself.


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God’s message (Paramatam Sandesh) : ‘Be Holy, be RajYogi’. ‘Mujhe Yaad karo, to janam janam ke vikarma vinash ho jayenge’.
Murli is one #source for our ‘Self transformation’

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