Florida’s Premarital Course | How it Works

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http://www.abeautifulceremony.net/florida-premarital-course.html Premarital counseling is proven to double the changes that engaged couples will have a happier and thriving marriage. Results from one marriage preparation course showed that 95% of the couples were still married after 10 years.

Premarital education usually involved information on communication, conflict resolution, finances, parenting, divorce predictors and spiritual development.

The state of Florida offers a special incentive program to encourage couples to take premarital counseling. They offer a .50 discount on the marriage license to all couples who complete a registered premarital course. Rev. Kevin Knox is a proponent of premarital education. He is a registered premarital preparation course provider in all 67 counties in Florida. He has designed an online premarital course that allows couples to learn about marriage and expectations while in the privacy of your own homes. Rev. Knox is made special consideration and pricing the online premarital course for only .95. Since this is less than amount as the state provide a discount on the marriage license (.50) couples essential come out ahead with no net out-of-pocket expense. In addition, to the premarital course the couples also receive a free name change kit.
For more information on the online premarital counseling course please check out our website at http://www.abeautifulceremony.net/florida-premarital-course.html