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Public Speaking class. You know what to do!
Given that this is course is taught exclusively on line, you need to read and understand material that is presented. 
Please read Chapters 13 and 14 as indicated on the syllabus and then submit the five most important items found in each chapter.  Large essays are not necessary; responses should contain enough content for the instructor to know comprehension of material is achieved. 
 Essays are not expected.  Robust bullet points are acceptable.  Please be thoughtful as you craft your bullet points in your own words

Concluding With Power

Sections 13.1 & 13.2

Almost to the Finish Line


Why Conclusions Matter

The Functions Fulfilled by the Conclusion

Signals the End

Many speakers really don’t prepare their audience for the end.

When a speaker just suddenly stops speaking, the audience is left confused and disappointed.

We want to make sure that audiences are left knowledgeable and satisfied with our speeches.

Aids Audience Memory of

Your Speech

Ebbinghaus’ (1885) Serial Position Effect

He found an individual’s ability to remember information in a list (e.g., a grocery list, a chores list, or a to-do list) depends on the location of an item on the list.

He found that items toward the top of the list and items toward the bottom of the list tended to have the highest recall rates.

Primacy and Recency