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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

How To Be An Interesting Speaker or How To Make An Interesting Speech? This is a powerful public speaking tip by public speaking coach Tan Teck Kim, director of 36 HR Training and Consultancy

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Effective Presentation Skills Training Singapore – FAQ

Most speakers think of Public Speaking or Business Presentations as a SPEAKING event. They forget that audiences have heard similar messages from many sources. They forget the audiences have 5 senses needing to be engaged (not just the ears). They forget that audiences are challenged for time and handphones and work are all competing for the audience’s time.

In our Public Speaking Courses in Singapore and Malaysia, and our Impactful Presentation Skills Training Courses in Singapore and Malaysia, we train clients the most important thing :

Treat every speaking event as a show, as a performance. Treat the audience not as listeners – but intelligent busy people needing to be engaged.

Excite your audience, Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Courageous, Be Excited about what you want to share.

It’s not about detailed facts, it’s not about length of speeches. Forget what you might have lernt from the most fanciful powerpoint presentations training courses. Forget about trying to have perfect diction which you learnt from English Presentation Skills Course. Ignore what you recall from the last business presentation course.. at least for a while.

Instead, in our Effective Presentation Skills Training Singapore, we want you to focus on your audience. Focus on what their problems are, what their needs are. Focus on engaging them.

Indeed there are many good public speaking coaches in Singapore and Malaysia, and many great courses on Effective Presentation skills Training workshops in Singapore and Malaysia, for eg the Success With Presentations by British Council or Dale Carnegie Presentations Skills course or the Effective Presentation Skills by NTUC Learning Hub, Presentation Skills Course and Training by Highspark, MDIS, MIS. They are all great training providers.

But what differentiates us is we help you to not just INFORM, but INSPIRE and INFLUENCE.

Get in touch with Tan Teck Kim, public speaking coach, director of 36 HR Training and Consultancy ( ) to find out what public speaking workshops in Singapore or Malaysia are available, and whether you would prefer one to one coaching on presentation skills or public speaking skills.

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