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P.D. is the only exclusive personality development institute dedicated to assist people, of all age groups beginning from kids of age of 10 years to senior citizens, and belonging to various occupations viz: school and college students, competition-aspirants, businessmen, industrialists, doctors, engineers, bankers, architects, lawyers, sales personnels, housewives, teachers, trainers, executives, administrators, mangers, NGO workers and socio-political leaders, in recognizing their hidden potential to rise higher in career and still remain a PLEASING PERSONALITY. The whole stress is on POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

About Director
He has studied management from reputed institutes winning numerous plaudits and accolades along the way. His work has often been featured in the city’s leading newspapers.
This academic background have given Mr. Sharma a tremendous insight into making people as self confident and assured. Further, he has honed his business and strategic acumen to a superlative degree with a P.D. COURSE.
He is passionate about helping students/housewives/corporate workers cultivate, present and project an image that will help them make a dynamic first impression and achieve monumental gains. He understands that a person’s ‘image’ is an intertwining of two things. The first is the person’s external appearance and how the world perceives him/her based on that. The second is equally important and comes from within. It is one’s own perception of oneself and is often the most crucial factor in deciding how one deals with and reacts to the daily conundrums of life. He thus works towards helping you become the charismatic and masterful person you can be. Join P.D. CLASSES and discover the person hidden within. Be the change.

Most important question of student’s life:
Why is that with the same academic qualification some people succeed and others fail? Most of the people do what circumstances make them do, they remain slaves to the situation but some people know what they want, they struggle for it, they do not compromise adversities, they do not give up, these people know that through strong determination, they can attain all goals of life that they can succeed only 15% due to their subject knowledge and 85% because of their Human Engineering Skills, their personality and their ability to interact with people. They try to develop more than the average person who uses only 10% of his latent mental ability. This knowledge leads these people to the top of their careers.

We (Author of 3 Books – ’70 ways of spoken English’ in 2015, ‘Universal Interview & Group Discussion’ in 2012, ‘M.R. Interview Book’ in 2008) at 7th day Personality Development see to it that our students engage them selves with the above thoughts and confidently hold the reigns of their life in their hands. We aim to give our students new directions, new vision, new ambition, the ability of self-examination and appraisal and equip them for an analytical Outlook for decision making in the ever changing Indian and International business environment, thus making them a blend of the east and west.

You should know yourself:
About the mission of your life?
About your aim for profession and career?
About your strategies for now and the future?
Your biggest strength and weakness?
Your hidden talents?
Where awareness of these would lead?

General conversation, Group Discussion on current National and International issues, extempore; seminars and debates, public speaking, Mock-interviews.

P.D. Develops you at all levels under one roof –

A. Lower Basic
General Conversation

B. Upper Basic
Group Discussion
Debates & Public Speaking

C. Advance
Self Awareness & Development
Effective Communication
Transactional Analysis
Leadership, Motivation & Creativity
Effective Inter Personal Relationship Dynamics
Stress Management
How to face an Interview
Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension

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