How to Find Your Life Purpose in Under 10 Minutes (Just Do This!)

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In Video find out how to find your life purpose in ten minutes. I’m going to share with you processes and understanding. You can have so they are able to do that and really be able to feel in alignment with who you prefer to be and to know which direction to go in. Oh come back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now this video I’m going to be sharing with you how to find your life purpose in a very short amount of time. And this has to do with really who we are at a deeper level now understand that actually the life purpose that we all have is the same it’s just the details are a little bit different. Your life purpose is to awaken to more of who you really are your life purpose is to be yourself.

Now I know that’s a very bleak statement and it’s kind of like OK that’s great but what we want to know exactly what we’re supposed to be doing in life. But you see that’s the thing in general that trip so many people out because in the present moment what they do is they assume they have to have all the answers right now in the present moment when life isn’t so much about the destination it’s more about the journey and the process itself. Now I’m still going to share with you ways that you can find out what your main purpose is of what you think you should be doing. But in general the main purpose I believe on the planet at this time is for people to awaken to who they really are. And at the same time to understand at a spiritual level that we are moral spiritual beings having temporary human experiences.

Now when we come to this understanding and we start to really embody it that’s where amazing things begin to change because we begin to then connect to the larger aspect of ourself we begin to connect to a larger purpose rather than just what the ego thinks that it wants. Now this means that by having this level of understanding and this level of awareness everything begins to change because we then are living from a point of presence we are living from a point of purpose and from that place that’s where we’re able to find out what and where we want to go in life. Now I would say that when I found my purpose it was kind of something I ate I knew and had a feeling about like I did forensics debate in high school and I would first I did it just because I was trying to get out of you know being afraid of doing public speaking because one time when I was in the seventh grade or no I was in the ninth grade I gave a speech in front of a whole bunch of people and I completely forgot I was supposed to say it was very embarrassing so I said OK I’m going to do forensics debate because it’s going to push me outside of that.

And I was like I’m just going to do it for one year and I did it my sophomore year of high school and I remember that the first two or three tournaments because they were like debate tournaments that you’d go to the first two or three tournaments was like kind of OK but then there’s something that happened I just felt like I got into this flow state and I started to speak very passionately.

And from that point going forward from sophomore year I knew that one day I’d be a speaker at some level like I would do lectures or I’d get some type of like content information. And at first I thought I was going to be a lawyer. So I was like oh so I was going to college to be a lawyer. But then I realized that’s not what my passion really is. But that was the seed that was planted. And I always kind of had a thought of myself of being somebody that would just be a speaker. So I kind of had that in the background even though I didn’t know exactly how that was going to come about. And then fast forward until a couple maybe five years ago.

I had my spiritual awakening and from that I learned all of this information that I share on this YouTube channel. And I came to understand myself at a much deeper level because I felt so different after that experience I started to feel good a majority of the time. You know I didn’t need to drink on any caffeine I just felt so good in life that I felt like I had to share that with people so then it all kind of clicked into place from that level of awareness and from that just acting from that passion acting from that excitement. So to find your purpose in 10 minutes…

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This video is about How to Find Your Purpose in Under 10 Minutes