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Many people from outside the speaking industry are shocked to learn how much speakers earn. When they see the words “,000 / hour or more”, they think it must be a scam. It’s not. Here’s why good speakers can earn ,000 or more for a single, one-hour speaking engagement. If you give a presentation to a group of 500 professionals, ,000 per hour only costs per person. If you help them succeed, work better as a team, boost skills and/or motivation, / person is SO worth it! Many workplaces spend big money for speaking engagements because it’s a great investment for them. If you’re still surprised by the amount speakers earn, you can google “Keynote Speakers’ Fees”, or you can take the free online course at ).

If you speak at an event such as a professional conference, and your talk attracts more participants (who each pay hundreds of dollars to attend), again, per person is a great investment for the organizers.

After earning a near-starvation salary as a college professor (yes, most college professors earn salaries below the poverty line, and have no job stability), I, too, was shocked to find out how much people were earning for professional speaking. Then I did my research.

I Googled “Keynote Speakers’ Fees”, and it changed my life, forever.

My eyes popped open in surprise when I looked at the fees for speaking engagements. At first, I thought it was a typo. Then I thought it was a series of typos. These were not famous people! They were people I’d never even heard of! They were not Ellen DeGeneres, or Michelle Obama. They were regular, every day people, earning ,000 / hour or more! Finally, I opened my mind.

When I realized that I could earn my entire salary with just a few speaking engagements per year, I jumped into the speaking industry. The first few times I earned over ,000 per talk, I was really surprised… and I realized that it was true. Speakers can make a great living from inspiring people.

Luckily, I had some teaching experience, which helped build my speaking skills. I started by donating a few free talks to charities. Then I gave a Learning Annex talk for a small honorarium. At the end of my talk, six people signed up for my next 0 workshop, and I earned 0 in one evening. That was a fun start!

Eventually, I spoke at a university for ,500 plus free marketing. Then, I spoke at Ontario Place and trained 300 of their staff for ,500 plus free marketing. Later, I sold ,000 in educational technology products to a French-speaking school with a one-hour talk. A number of times, I gave one-hour presentations for free, and landed training contracts worth over ,000… and I’M still a bit SHY sometimes! There are LOTS of speakers out there who are earning much more than me.

You can also change the world with a single speech. With one presentation, I helped a youth business centre attract over .8 million dollars in government funding for youth self-employment programs. Yes, .8 million dollars from a single presentation! As a result of my speaking career, I was also able to donate lots of time and energy to causes I believed in, including saving countless lives of bullied LGBT youth. Saving lives felt good.

Right now, the speaking industry desperately needs more diversity. People want to hear new voices and new perspectives. Audiences are starving for juicy stories that inspire and empower them. If you are LGBT, young, senior, female, a person of colour, a person with a disability, and/or anyone with a unique experience, the world needs to hear from you!

All you need to get started is one idea… one funny anecdote, one inspiring story, or even one surprising statistic. With one fresh idea, you can build a speech that can change your life, and change your world.
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