How To Hypnotically Stack Your Conversations

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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In this video, Igor Ledochowski explains how you can be more hypnotically influential by “stacking” your conversations with certain hypnotic elements that (when used in combination) make you more spontaneously inspiring, influential and charismatic.

Since it’s impossible to perform conversational hypnosis if you use a script, Igor Ledochowski will teach you in this video the principals involved to hypnotic conversation, so you can do it anytime you find yourself in a conversation.

Igor will show you how to integrate…

Guiding Themes
Trance Themes
Reference Similes
Language Softeners


5) Hot Words

… so you can maximize your conversational hypnosis skillset.

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**The Hypnotic Blitz: A five-step practical technique to hypnotize people during casual meetings, conversations and gatherings!

**Why your intention is the ultimate indicator of whether you have a positive or negative hypnotic event! (It’s important you get this straight or you’ll turn a lot of people off!)

**Power words crucial to your success as a conversational hypnotist!

**Why the key to influence has everything to do with how your subject “feels” and not necessarily what he is thinking about!

**How to access the right emotional state in someone so they are easy to influence!

**How to master the art of influence with the secret of Future Memories!

**And much, much more!

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