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How to own public speaking part 2 | Public speaking courses | presentation speaking skills

My first point kept getting interrupted
This is what I was trying to get across although it wasn’t clear

Government don’t care about our health due to the high level of poor food choices eg high fat high sugar being 70% of the GDP food industry
Alcohol is a controlled substance for 12 factors that effect the body
Sugar has 10 of them, so why is this not controlled?
60% of adults in the uk obese 30% of children obese
Costs incurred by obesity 5 billion
Stop blaming the NHS and expecting them to sort out our problems
We must all take ownership over our own health

my second speech that comes a little later was stimulated by some guy abusing me, was pretty funny.

all i was trying to say was

In essence I was trying to get across
We all have choices
Yes circumstances happen to us out of our control

Our choice comes when we choose how we will respond to that
Focus…..what we focus on we will feel
Meaning …what meaning we give things
What action are you going to take

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