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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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The 8 Biggest Mistakes Founders making when starting a business.

1. Thinking you need a lot of money to start.
2. Waiting too late to start
3.Focusing on product first and marketing second
4. Not speaking to LIVE people first
5. Not designing your business to scales
6. Not hiring soon enough
7. Commingling Funds and no corp structure
8. Being the business and not working – on- the business.

So many people let their dream simply die. The precious few who drive forward with their plans often make a lot of mistakes.

It is part and parcel of the program. When you build a business you are doing something 99% of people never do!

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One on one training. Say you are a business person who is stuck. You want to move past the pain ( marketing, sales, business development) you need the help of a seasoned business person ( yeah that is me)

I do this:

★Business Development ( start up , to new channel development)
★Video Marketing ( hey that is how you got here!)
★Sales and sales program development. Includes CRM

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3 month consulting – 4 – calls a month. 60/60/30/30 – 00 a month or 00 paid in Full- business plan development and research.

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9 Month consulting – on site training early stages, business development planning CRM development. – 00 a month ,000 paid in full. business plan development /research/sales program development. Sales team training.

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This is for the budding business owner, who wants to learn more about business development ( sales, marketing, processes, etc)
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