How to Succeed on Youtube, Life, and as a Public Speaker

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

To succeed in anything you do remember, everything you make is all about content and time. If you put out quality content, for an extended period of time, you will gain your audience.

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Do you want to become successful? “What is that even a question? Of course I do!” Great, then you’re in the right place! I’m you host, the motivational storyteller, SaRtini, owner of Perspective Storytelling, Llc., the social media management company that uses the power of storytelling to connect like ideas and grow the followings of small businesses. Today on the show I’m going to teach you a very valuable lesson to note, when it comes to success.
Every time I enter Barnes and Nobles the same thing happens. I sit down, start working, and then, BOOM, it happens! Someone sits near me and we get to talking! Today I met a quality gentleman named Chris. Chris, I found to be a natural born salesman with a passion for people and counseling. My good friend Chris said all he wants to do in life is teach about leadership and how to use psychology to improve customer service in retail. I liked the guy, so I gave him this advice. I said the only thing it takes to become a successful speaker or a success in anything is two things: content and time. That’s it.

Select message
Have 1-3 core values (Mine is social media and motivational speaking)
Core and essence talk
In everything you know, you’ll have a core and an essence. Make it the same with your message.
2. Select mediums
1. Once you have your message well defined, select the mediums you feel will get your message across best
2. Highly suggest utilizing current trending mediums and then trends that don’t exist yet
1. Current trends: Insta + Snap
2. Future Trend: Live Video and VV (Virtual Reality) will be HUGE
3. Make a mixed portfolio to gain more traction
3. Make as high quality as possible while posting as frequent as possible
You probably won’t know what you’re doing, when you first start out, so it’s okay. In the beginning just work to get your message out there. Post a high volume of quantity and, in doing so you can forsake some quality, but be sure you forsake as little quality as possible.
It’s okay, if the first few times you don’t quite get things right. It’s not failure until you stop moving forward. I had like three other Youtube channels before this one and now I’ve finally found the right blend of quantity and quality. It’’ take more than one shot to hammer a nail completely in.

1. In the social media world I aways say it takes between 6-9 months to truly develop a following, but you should expect a year or so to at least get some real results
2. If that seems like a long time, give up. If you truly want something you have to go for it no matter what, even knowing what you want may take a full year or more to get to.
3. Now, of course, that’s just the average and there are some outliers, but this all depends and a. the delivery of your message b., the target market of your message c. how flooded the market you enter is and d. how well you can get on trends before others
4. Luckily for us, we have social media and the world is advancing further than ever before. Use that speed to your advantage and jump on those trends before others and get your message out there.
5. You will attain views. but you have to take action now. So get your butt into gear and go!!