How Youtubers ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY!!! The Dirty Secret EXPOSED!!!

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

In this video, we talk about how youtubers and podcasters ACTUALLY make money. 

Most people think that youtubers and podcasters make their money through adsense or sponsors etc. But in reality, that it only a small portion of the total income. Sure some youtubers solely rely on adsense or patreon etc. But the smart ones have other routes.

One way that youtubers make money is by selling your own merchandise, software, products etc. through your social media. 

Another way is by selling courses through youtube, for some youtubers, this can be the vast majority of their money. 

Affiliate marketing is probably the most common way to make money through social media. 

Public appearances and speaking fees can be some of the most lucrative forms of income for youtubers and podcasters. 

All in all, youtube is just a platform that people use to run online businesses. It is much easier to grow your business if a million people know who your are. 

Hopefully you guys learned something from this video 🙂


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