IELTS Speaking test sample – Part 1 (Aashish, Band 7.5)

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What speaking ability does a score of IELTS Band 7.5 represent?

Watch this Speaking test sample, where Aashish from Nepal talks about ‘Work, friends, food and cooking’. Here’s why this performance was given a Band 7.5:

This test taker speaks fluently and he engages with the questions without any obvious effort. There is only occasional hesitation, repetition and self-correction, which is mostly content-related and only rarely to search for language. His relaxed delivery is supported by his flexible use of markers (I am both; basically; as well as; every now and then; that would be French).

His vocabulary is sufficient for him to engage with a variety of topics and he demonstrates an ability to use idioms and collocations with some sense of style and skill. However, he makes a number of inappropriate vocabulary choices (all over the place; that’s not just my cup of tea; someone to confront and talk to; I haven’t got a chance), which restrict his rating on this criterion.

He has a wide range of grammatical structures at his disposal and the majority of sentences are error-free. Even when errors do very occasionally occur (I work part-time as well as a student; it just does not come into me), they do not detract at all from meaning.

He uses a wide range of pronunciation features and is able to use stress and intonation effectively. There are just a few lapses and very occasionally sounds are poorly formed (bot for ‘both’; vent for ‘went’), but overall, his accent has only minimal effect on intelligibility.