Improv to Increase Charisma & Public Speaking Abilities – excercise 3/5 – WC#23

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Weekly challenge: Improv theatre to increase charisma & public speaking abilities
DAY 3: Improv Theatre Exercise to do at home 3 of 5

Alexander Nilsson August 31, 2016

This week is all about working on our charisma and public speaking abilities, and this week’s challenge is to each day do a five minute exercise (This video is the third out of five), were we play a little game called “yes, and”.. . So in this video, I will play a series of different sentences, with a approx. 20 sec pause in between, in this pause you are supposed to reply “Yes, and..” and just continue talking about whatever crosses your mind, THIS IS THE IMPROVSATION PART!

ALSO, Before the excercise, I’ll share a regular VLOG episode where I do some reflection, and also today share a point of view considering how you should treat yourself when your failing to live up to the goals or standards you expect out of yourself.

This challenge is inspired by on of Charlie Houpert’s videos (, over at one of my favourite You Tube Channels Charisma on Command, which does charisma breakdowns on famous people and similar stuff. It is truly great stuff. Anyhow, in this videos he mentions the 4 big things that he claims boost your Charisma the most, and first out is actually to start doing improve theatre.

Also, the intention is for you is to enhance your public speaking abilities, that means you are going to:

– stand up while doing the exercise so that you can fully utilize and practice your body language, especially emphasising your smile, energy level and vocal variety, hand movements, talking tempo and eye contact.
– Record yourself with your phone or webcam, go back and observe and watch yourself, credit yourself for the things you did well, and take notice of the things you could try to improve. Remember, that some things make take time to tweak and get used to (not) doing, so don’t stress out about it. The acknowledgment of areas that need improvement is a first step!
– Try to have fun doing it, let loose and let your inner child come out and playJ

Rules that you totaly can break if you want, it’s about having fun:) : 
– Reply “Yes, and…” to the sentences that are played in the exercises videos
– Go on your impulse gut feeling 
– have fun doing it, it’s just for practices!
Good luck, and have fun!
P.S If you dare, post the video on you tube and put up the link here, love to see you give it a try!

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