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Learn How to Speak in Public- Speech Making Secrets DVD & Workbook for the First-time Presenter

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Public Speaking DVD and 24-Page Workbook

IMproSolutionsTM Interactive Speaking Series featuring Scott Topper INTERACTIVE SPEAKING SERIES DVD 1 The Secrets of Successful Speech Making: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking Perfect for the first-time presenter. Discover proven techniques for improving your presentation skills, and develop the tools you need to deliver a powerful speech. Progress to the next level by learning how to deliver even more effective, successful presentations. Improve speaking skills with this confident speaking course. IMproSolutionsTM is one of the most cutting edge speaking courses available online today. Whether you are looking to overcome public speaking fear, or increase your speaking skill at public speaking events, this is one of the only presentation skills training courses designed specifically to transform you into a confident, all-star presenter. Overcoming public speaking fear is 100% possible! This unique speaking and presentation skills course will dramatically improve your ability to handle public speaking presentations. Since 1999, IMproSolutionsTM has been empowering individuals with presentation skills courses that are complete with the tools and knowledge they need to banish their public speaking fears forever! If you want to learn how to be more authentic in front of an audience, this is one of the best courses in public speaking available today. Want speaking confidence? Update your speaking skills now. Get the promotion you deserve. We can take away your public speaking pain and problems. Say goodbye to your anxiety and worries. Our course is the solution you’ve been searching for! If you have a problem public speaking and need results now, than this course is right for you. Resolve speaking anxiety. Become a confident presenter. Your career advancement starts today! Be recognized as first among your peers. Be successful now!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Public Speaking DVD Teaching Aid!
January 22, 2013
By Robert N. Lettieri
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“I recently purchased “The Secrets of Successful Speech Making” 60-minute Instructional DVD and 24-page Workbook. As a ESL volunteer tutor, I was looking for an attractively priced educational resource home study program to supplement my current curriculum in helping my students improve speaking skills in their second language and boost their confidence in both idioms.

This is one of the most helpful speaking courses I have found in overcoming typical public speaking fear. And while speaking skills take practice, Scott’s direct, professional delivery makes this one of the most practical presentation skills training courses I have reviewed on the web.

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