It’s Getting HOTTER! NFL Is Going Down!!!

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It’s Getting HOTTER! NFL Is Going Down!!!

As Week 11 is behind us the ratings for the National Football League are going down even further. The NFL has already lost more than one million viewers in comparison with 2016. And the reason for this is the protests that are happening during the national anthem.

The behavior that is offending for our country continues with no signs of ending.

For this Breitbart writes:

„Some analysts felt the ratings slump showed signs of slowing over week 9 and 10, but the downward trend picked back up for Week 11. With a loss of 6.3 percent compared to last week’s loss of 5.7 percent the loss of viewers deepened, the New York Post reported.

The 6.3 percent dip reflects a viewership of 14.9 million viewers, which is down a million from the 15.9 earned in Week 11 last year.

Two games for Week 11 did have audience gains.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football saw a 12 percent hike over last year’s numbers as the Philadelphia Eagles topped the Dallas Cowboys 37 to 9.

Fox’s matchup between the Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints, also saw some growth with a ten percent hike.

With TV ratings off nearly 20 percent for the season over all, the networks have reportedly lost up to 0 million in ad revenue. The ratings slide is reflected in the sparse attendance at the stadiums, too, with Week 11 photos showing that there are still empty seats galore.”

And of course, the fact that the attendance is so freaking low, show the new prices of tickets which are reporting all-time low on the secondary markets like StubHub.

“Tickets to the Thanksgiving game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants were selling at a piece at one point. That reflects poorly on tickets that, in some cases, would normally sell for over 0″

Someone needs to do something about this, it is not just the money lost but also the integrity of what it means to be American is in question.