‘I’ve changed my mind’ Conservative frontbencher admits she would now vote for Brexit

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CONSERVATIVE MP Liz Truss has said that she would not vote for Brexit in another referendum.

The Justice Secretary said she has “changed her mind” over what way she would vote in another referendum.

The comments come after the Prime Minister, who voted to Remain in the European Union, would not say if she would vote for Brexit in a second vote.

Speaking on BBC’s Daily Politics, Ms Truss admitted that she would now vote to leave the bloc after project fear failed to scare the public into voting Remain.

She said: “All of us had to make a judgement on what we thought the future would look like.

“I made a judgement thinking that it would be bad for the economy. Since we have left, it’s been more positive, so the facts have changed so I have changed my mind.

“Many forecasts were wrong. If you go back in history, of course, no forecasts are accurate. No one has a crystal ball where they can predict the future.

“What I am saying is I believe there would be major economic problems. I have also seen the opportunities.

“I think the other thing is, that it was a big moment on June 23 when British people voted to leave and it was an expression about what kin doc country we wanted to be and I think it has changed the debate in this country as well.”

The debate was raised after the Prime Minister failed to reveal if she would vote to leave the European Union in another Brexit vote during an interview on Wednesday with Iain Dale on LBC.

First, Mrs May said she did not “answer hypothetical questions” before Dale pressed her to answer.

She said: “I am the Prime Minister ensuring that I am going to deliver Brexit for the British people. I could sit here and I could say, ‘oh I would still vote Remain, or I would vote Leave’, just to answer your question.

“I am being open and honest with you, what I did last time around was I looked at everything, and came to a judgement and I would do exactly the same another time around.

“But we are not having another referendum. That’s absolutely crucial. We are not having another referendum. We are going to deliver on the vote of the British people and we are going to deliver Brexit. March 29, 2019, we come out of the European Union.”

The Prime Minister was also asked in the House of Commons during PMQ’s the same question about what way she would vote in another referendum.

Replying to Ian Blackford, SNP’s leader in Westminster, Mrs May said: “Let’s be clear – there is no second referendum.

“The people of the United Kingdom voted and we will be leaving the EU in March 2019.”

Parliament erupted with cheers and jeers with one MP shouting: “You might want one, we don’t.”