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क्या आप बेहतर अंग्रेजी बोलना सीखना चाहते हैं? तो कॉल करे 9920051120 और 9920051121 या ब्रिटिश इंस्टिट्यूट पर आकर मिलकर संपर्क करे। हम आपको मनोवगैनिक आधुनिक तरीक़ो और उपकरणों दवारा अंग्रजी ही नहीं जीने का तरीका भी सिखाते हैं।
School & College ( Std. 5th to Graduation)
Writing, Reading, Speaking With Basic Grammar to Advance Grammar

Writing Course : – ( 3 Months)
1000 Thousand Indian Spelling / 1000 Thousand British Spelling Practice Introduction to INDIAN & BRITISH Vowels & Consonants Alphabet Pronunciation, How to Write Correct Spelling, Words Pattern, Punctuation, Silent Words Rules, Spelling Rules, Diction, Dictation, Comprehension, Resume, Form Format, Letter Writing, Essay, Email
Reading Course: – (3 Months)
INDIAN & BRITISH Alphabet Reading, Pronunciations, Tone, Intonations, Pause, Pitch, Voice & Accent Training, Story Books, News Papers English Poem, Songs, & Speech
Reading, Dialogue, Role- Play
Speaking Course : (6 Months)
Basic & Advance Grammar, Basic & Powerful Vocabulary Self-Introduction, Part Of Speech, Normal English Vs Smart English, Sentence Structure, Formula, Active Voice & Passive
Voice, Each Student Grammar Practice, Spoken & Public Speaking Skills, Thinking in English, Mirror Practice, Group Discussions, Eye Contact, Dress Code, Communication Skills, Body Language, Manners, Attitude, Killing Nervousness, Fear & shy, Hesitation
Developing Confidence. Interview Questions & Answers, Call Canter Training, Each Student Practice of Making Sentence in Group, Daily Written & Oral Practice, Test & Exam, Suitable Time, How to Use Dictionary Words, Words Pattern, Idioms, Phrases

Course Material: – Free British English Pronunciation Video, Audio, Mp3 Dictionary Twenty Thousand Words. Audio, Video Training, Test Papers etc. Extremely Useful Grammar Books With 3 Languages, English, Hindi, Marathi And Importance Words & Verb Meaning With British English Pronunciation in Hindi to Read Correct it in One Book. It Will Help You More Easily.
100 Bollywood/ Hollywood Movies with English Subtitle For More Practice 100 Videos English Stories with Subtitles for Daily Practice.
(Free Yoga, Dance, Aerobic Classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7am To 8am) & (Free Extra English Speaking oral Practise at 8am to 9am in Sheela Raheja Garden For 3 Months)

Each Student Video Shooting With His/hers Body Language Dress Code And Eye Contact Free Memory Course, How to Improve Memory & Personality Development Course. Well-Qualified, 18 Years Experienced Professional Teacher.
Special Batch:- Saturday, Sunday Morning or Evening for 2 Hours.