Lecture 4. Doublets and Contradictions, Seams and Sources

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Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) (RLST 145) with Christine Hayes

This lecture continues the discussion on Genesis, including the familiar accounts of Cain and Abel, the Flood and Noahide covenant. The story of Cain and Abel expresses the notion of the God-endowed sanctity of human life and a “universal moral law” governing the world. Examination of the contradictions and doublets in the flood story leads to a discussion of the complex composition and authorship of the Pentateuch. These features as well as anachronisms challenge traditional religious convictions of Moses as the author of the first five books of the Bible.

00:00 – Chapter 1. The Taming of Enkidu in The “Epic of Gilgamesh”
05:44 – The Story of Enkidu as Parallel to the Second Story of Creation in Genesis
21:29 – Major Themes in the Story of Cain and Abel
24:02 – Comparing Mesopotamian, Semitic and Israelite Flood Stories
35:32 – Contradictions and Doublets in the Flood Story in Genesis 6-9
42:42 – Implications of the Repetitions and Contradictions throughout the Bible

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This course was recorded in Fall 2006.