Liberal Snowflake Screams At Donald Trump Robot In Disneyland, Gets Brutal Response

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Liberal Snowflake Screams At Donald Trump Robot In Disneyland, Gets Brutal Response

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Video footage has emerged of a pathetic New York liberal man who recently visited Disneyland’s Hall of Presidents and suffered a cringeworthy meltdown when the robot lookalike for President Donald Trump started to speak. The brutal response this snowflake received on social media is epic.

According to Daily Caller, Jay Malsky, a resident of New York and wannabe actor, recently visited the Magic Kingdom and took his visceral hate for our great President with him. Prior to making his trip to Disneyland, Malsky planned out his protest of President Donald Trump’s robot in advance.

He tweeted that his plan was to either throw something at the robot lookalike or murder it. Of course, the tweet talking about the murder was deleted but not before several news outlets documented it.
Seriously? Malsky’s brilliant plan was to go full “Kathy Griffin” at Disneyland in front of little kids? It seems like a publicity stunt or desperate attempt at getting attention. Either way, Malsky made his way to Disneyland and entered the attraction along with several excited little kids. Well, they were excited until this degenerate stood up and started to scream at the robo-Trump when it started to speak.

“Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up,” Malsky screamed as annoyed parents angrily voiced their disapproval of his juvenile behavior. Leave it to a liberal make the happiest place on earth a complete drag. I’m sure the dozens of children trying to enjoy the show understood just one thing. This man, who hated President Trump, was ruining their day at Disneyland. Good job, Malsky, you just helped a future generation decide that liberals are mentally deranged.
Immediately after Malsky posted his protest video on Twitter, he received criticism from many people who thought his behavior was disgusting.

One Twitter user named Kenny Liszewski said, “Disney World is a private park and has a set of guidelines and standards to ensure guests have a good experience. That video is disgusting and immature. Families trying to enjoy their vacations not listen to your friend’s ridiculous shouting. Yelling at an animatronic….yikes”
Another social media user, who goes by M.B., said, “Awful. I can’t imagine how scared and confused some of those children were.” I couldn’t agree more. Malsky’s behavior makes it very clear that he didn’t care about the children at the park. Liberals often share that characteristic. If it supports their cause, they won’t think twice about the well-being of children or innocent people.

One of the best responses to Malsky was from a user named Kailee. “This is the most hilariously pathetic thing I have seen since Rosie O’Donnell was marching around in the rain shrieking in Russian. In 7 years you’ll probably be locked in a padded room, and Trump will still be your President. Bless your heart,” she said.

A padded room sounds very appropriate for Malsky’s future. He should be thrown in there with Kathy Griffin and Rosie O’Donnell. Liberals are so fortunate to have the right to free speech, even though they hate it when conservatives exercise that same right.

I think that ridiculous dramatic behavior like Malsky’s is blindly accepted in the liberal world, but the fact of the matter is that normal every day people don’t resonate with it. If anything, Malsky just helps prove that his political faction is out of touch with mainstream America, which is largely supportive of President Trump’s accomplishments.
In 2018, I’m sure there will be a full liberal meltdown as Trump continues to make America great again. People like Malsky will continue their ludicrous protests because they are a pushing a progressive agenda. They want to progress down the wrong path, and honestly, they should move to a country where socialism has already run its course and destroyed everything.

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