“Long time no see” in Spanish! 4 ways to talk about time in Spanish

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Learn Spanish! I will teach you four different ways to say how long you have been doing something in Spanish. For example, in English you would say: “Long time no see”, or “I have studied Spanish for the last two years”, or “I have been going to the bathroom at midnight since I was 13”, etc. In this video, you will learn these temporal structures but in Spanish, which is very useful because 1. You will be able to start a conversation in Spanish, and 2. You will have a recipe to start speaking Spanish: HACE+(TIME)+QUE+VERB IN PRESENT, PAST, OR IMPERFECT. This rule really works and will help you jump to the next level in your Spanish studies. I will also teach you some important words related to time structures in Spanish. For example, the day before yesterday, “antier” or “anteayer”, the day after tomorrow, “pasado mañana”, not this weekend but the following weekend, “el fin de semana que viene”, or every other day, “un día sí y un día no” or “cada tercer día”. This lesson is very useful and you will end up speaking as a native Spanish speaker does. If not, pretty close to a native Spanish speaker. And if not, I will give your money back. And if not, I will go to a Mexican jail. And if not, I will be extradited.

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