Masters in Germany: DIY Profile Evaluation

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Almost the most frequent questions that arises in the minds of the students is, where do their profiles stand, if they want to apply for Masters in Germany. Doing MS in Germany in an English speaking course can turn out to be very competitive for students and that’s why, it’s great to already have an idea of what your chances of getting admitted to a German University are.

It can never be generalized according to somebody’s profile, in which University, he/she might get admitted to but I personally like the way, this has all been structured on the website to explain to the Indian/International students who want to do their Masters in Germany, and I showed in the video how the Masters aspirants for Germany can use the information properly.

I came across this beautiful website made by another Indian Master Student, Uday Yatnalli, who is studying at the Technical University of Munich:

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I am not getting paid for this video and this is my honest opinion about the Website. You are all welcome to check out the same and write down your opinions in the comments section.

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