NY Post’s Goodwin: Dems Lost Because ‘They Ran Out Of Ideas’

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New York Post writer Michael Goodwin wrote in his Sunday column:
“We could be witnessing the death throes of the Democratic Party as we know it. With Obama and the Clintons encouraging the attempted theft of an election they lost and failing to denounce intimidation and death threats against Trump electoral voters, most Americans have reason to consider the Dems a dead letter.”

Michael Goodwin:
“The column really is about how the Democratic Party was supposed to rule for a very long time. You had Obama going to hand the torch to Clinton and the — she would win the election, control the Supreme Court, the regulatory state would silence the coal business, it would shut down a lot of industries, the courts would enforce dictates on every American, whether it’s about bathroom use or where they can go to school or how much insurance they have to carry, how much they have to pay for it. You would have the rise of bigger and bigger government and, of course, the people who actually work for a living said, ‘No, we are not going to do that anymore. We’ve had enough of it.’ And now for the Democrats to be fighting the election this way, for the president not to use his press conference on Friday to say, ‘Stop it, the election is over, Donald Trump won legitimately, let’s move on, let’s unite the country.’ That would have been the presidential thing to do. Where is Hillary Clinton in all of this while these electors are getting death threats? Where is she? Why hasn’t she spoken up and say, ‘Don’t do this in my name. This is not for me. I don’t approve of this.’ But both of them have been silent on what is an unprecedented attack on the constitutional system.

I think that why it collapsed, why they were defeated is because they ran out of ideas. Hillary Clinton’s message was ‘We are going to have more of the same,’ and, you know, as I say in the column, their ideas have run their disastrous course. Nothing was going to get better under a Clinton presidency and I think the people correctly realized that.”