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JW Director of Investigations Chris Farrell is an expert on national security matters and intelligence operations. He was an Army Counterintelligence Officer and Special Agent who conducted counterespionage investigations, offensive counterintelligence operations and commanded both US Army’s two detachments charged with conducting physical, technical and aerial surveillance in support of counterintelligence and human intelligence operations. He is also a trained Clandestine Human Intelligence Case Officer.

He served three tours of duty in West Germany… and one tour at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. Chris is a graduate of the Military Intelligence Officers Basic and Advanced Courses … the U.S. Army Advanced Counterintelligence Training Course… the Combined Arms Services Staff School of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College… the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Military Operations Training Course… and the Haus Rissen Institut für Politik und Wirtschaft in Hamburg, Germany.

No one is more qualified than Chris to answer your questions about the Deep State.

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