Preparing to Pass Your Real Estate License Exam the First Time – Kevin Ward

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Go to for the best training videos for new real estate agents or if you are in the process of getting your real estate license. Kevin Ward, international real estate trainer and Founder of Kevin Ward Real Estate Academy.

In these two videos, Kevin gives you the exact process for how to easily pass your real estate exam the first time. To watch the second video on how to actually take the test, click this link:

In this video Kevin goes over your PRE-TEST PREPARATION – How to study and prepare before the test by following these 10 simple steps.

#1. POSITIVE DECLARATIONS. Mentally program yourself for passing the test by creating 2 or 3 positive declarations such as:
1. I am a great test-taker!
2. I easily pass my exam with flying colors!
3. I know the answer to every question!
4. Answers come to me quickly and effortlessly!
5. I have a great memory!

#2. ELIMINATE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. Delete EVERY negative, unsupportive thought about passing the test. This is crucial to eliminate “test anxiety.”

#3. GET IT DONE ASAP. Take the test as soon as you can after finishing your courses.  You want the knowledge still fresh in your brain.  The longer you wait, the less you retain and you have to re-learn it.

#4. TIME BLOCK. Block out disciplined times to study for the test for 2 weeks before the exam.  1-3 hours a day.  You can also do a marathon cram session or take a crash course within a week of your exam date.  Many people find that helpful, especially for their confidence.

#5. PRACTICE TESTS. Study by taking practice tests.  This gets your mind used to learning in the same way your learning is going to be tested, because half of the challenge is learning how to take the test.  

#6. LEARN TERMS. Read through the glossaries in your text books or online lists of key terms and become familiar with the terms.

#7. SCAN BOOKS. Scan through your learning materials (text books, exam prep books, key terms lists, etc.)

#8. MEMORY HOOKS. For statistics, facts, and dates that must be memorized, use visual images or rhymes to remember them.
EXAMPLES: 43,560 (SQ FT in an acre) – 4 giant chipmunks driving an acorn car 35 MPH down the 60 Freeway going to their new 1-acre lot. 5,280 (feet in a mile) – a huge, full deck of cards (52) with a neon green 80 on the back of each card. Use the 4 walls technique for lists.

#9. EAT WELL & HYDRATE. The day before the exam, eat healthy and make sure your body is hydrated by drinking lots of water.  (Avoid sugars, greasy or fried foods, and alcohol because these things slow your brain function)

#10. BE RESTED. The night before the exam get plenty of sleep.  A rested brain recalls information better than a tired brain.

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