presentation skills 8 awesome openings

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

“A must for all those who are required to stand up & deliver”. **UPDATED OCTOBER 2015** This was a quote from one of my students who took this course and sums up how fundamental what you will learn is. When I ask people what their greatest concern is when speaking in public & presenting, “getting started” or, “the first few minutes” is always top. The 8 openings we will cover will; reduce your anxiety, establish an audience connection (whether that 5 or 500 people), give the audience a reason to listen to you, establish a professional and knowledgeable tone, set the scene and environment for the rest of your delivery and ensure that you are memorable for all the right reasons! This course is split into 10 lectures, 8 assignments and 8 mini quizzes. You can expect to complete the lecture videos in 1hour 15mins, but will need an additional 1-2 hours to complete the attached 8 assignments and quizzes (recommended). There is an information pack which covers everything in the video lectures as well as a written version of my lecture descriptions. Seinfeld once said “people’s number 1 fear is public speaking, number 2 is dying” This course will help to ensure that for you public speaking and presenting is something to be enjoyed and not endured…I promise! Enrole now to learn the essential secrets and skills that will make you a better presenter today . If you are not satisfied that this course has taught you how to ‘hook’ your audience and deliver a more confidence, ‘polished’ delivery there is a 30 day money back guarantee ! Best wishes Sarah

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who has to present in front of others. This could be in a small but no less intimidating meeting up to a large conference hall of 100’s

Those starting out presenting

People who want to add more flair and interest to their deliveries