Public Speaking – Assignment One : Introduction Presentation Exercise

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

My public speaking course started yesterday (Mon. June 19, 2012) and for our first assignment in Public Speaking at random, we were chosen someone to interview and for them to do the same.

I ended up with a nice girl named Chamiece and we quickly became acquainted with each other. I won’t say too much about her since I would only be repeating what I said in the video.

One thing that I found out though was that just with the types of questions one will ask you, it shows the nature of the one who’s asking. So for this, and it should come to no surprise to those who know me, I quickly go on the subject of work. And I also found out that when I do ask a question or bring up a subject, that I like to go into layers. Chamiece was not the same way, she asked all these different kinds of “scatter-brained” questions which she was able to give a variety of answers when introducing me. When I think about it though, it should come to no real surprise because I have always “operated” like this whether it is engaging with someone or not. I like to focus on the priority and the goal – “where are we going from here?”

Now, I’ve taken several opportunities for speaking in front of a crowd; speaking at a funeral, at a birthday, and even in the defense of a teacher. I know that I have experience and I know that I have a wonderful way with words. But when it was almost my time, I was actually EXTREMELY nervous. Maybe it’s from getting only four hours of sleep, but I was anxious in just getting it done with because I know that the longer that I was forcing my brain awake, the more that I would probably forget. And when it FINALLY came to my turn, I felt like I was speaking way too quick and things were a bit a blur for how quick things were going. I made it a point to try and look at everyone and try to be as engaging as I can be. Luckily, I made it and I did A LOT better then I thought that I did. In fact, I would go so far as saying that I am one of the few who did exceptionally well especially for my “first” time.

Well….this class is working my @$$ off, but I am learning a HE11 a lot too so its definitely worth the lack of sleep. I look forward to criticism of any kind or compliments of any kind. Or I am also looking forward to hearing your own experiences in speech. Thank you for watching.


Just by watching this a first time, I know that I like to make a lot of hand gestures. And “a lot” is putting it lightly. Maybe this is something that I can work on, but at the same time I like this speaking trait of mine. It’s a lot better for someone to be moving rather than standing as still as a statue: it shows that you are excited about your work, it gives your audience something to watch rather than gazing off, and DEFINITELY helps, with me at least, to bring my thought process keep its pace to bring the point across. And when someone only gets FOUR hours of sleep, you can bet that you are going to do that A LOT.

Second is although I am doing a fairly good job of keeping my eyes on all members of my audience, I do have a slight problem of looking on the ground. I made it a point to memorize my speech and not rely on any notecards so my looking down isn’t because I am looking at that. Keeping eye contact with the speaker is important, but even in a dyadic setting (new word from the door from class, it means “one-on-one”), my eyes sometimes wander off either because I am keeping myself alert in my surroundings (or maybe it’s because I have mild case of ADHD….hopefully not =_________= ).

SIDE NOTE: This “little” intro text is longer then I thought it would be. So congrats if you were able to read all the way through – you have an attention span longer than a pea =.=

DOUBLE SIDE NOTE: Yeah, I just looked to see really how long this text was and it IS pretty long. Good thing about that should be that this speech class should be a breeze if I can get all the work done.
*glares* I’M LOOKING AT YOU CHRIS! =____________________=